The all in one EAFC Sniping Bot

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Easy to setup, fast results

Tired of losing out on good snipes? Than I am sorry! There is a good chance that my Sniping Bot got it! We tested the Bot over the last years in a small group to make sure it works perfectly before releasing it to the public. NOW you guys also the chance to get crazy snipes.

Reasons to buy it

A better way to spend your money

The one time investment in the Sniping Bot is making you guaranteed coins over the whole year instead of a short packopening with no good pulls

Fully automated

You only need to set it up and it does the rest for you. Buying, listing and clearing your Transferlist.

Build your dream team

Now you have the ability to get your dream team quickly not dependent on your packluck and skill

Proof of the past

Core Features

Automatic Sniping

The bot buys players faster than a human could ever do.

Automatic Sales

The bot has the ability to list players directly after purchase and list selected players at the current price.

Adjustable Settings

All settings can be changed to suit your needs.

Safety Settings

The bot has many ways to simulate human actions. This minimizes the risk of getting banned.

Automatic Adjustments

The bot can automatically adjust buy and sell prices so that the maximum profit is always achieved.

Futbin Integration

The bot is able to display the FUTBIN price and to list the players for the current FUTBIN price.


You will be able to set up personalized filters in order to get the best possible results.

Discord & Telegram Notifications

The bot can send you status updates about snipes and more via Discord and Telegram.